Best Practices

From Aaron Brough:
Black & Williams 'Inside the Black Box' (PDF)

Feature Request from Washington County School District:
Test Score Export Format: PowerGrade can import test scores from a .csv file, but the format of the current scores export is not compatible.
  • Student's username is not being exported. PowerGrade key's on a student's ID number. This is used for the student login, but this information did not export in my trials - the column is there, but the fields were blank.
  • PowerGrade needs a raw test score. The current import includes the score, but it's in this format: (3/5) or (4.5/5). Can you add a field that is just the raw score (and perhaps the total possible) instead of combining that information?
  • Can we make a PowerGrade export format to be listed in the export list as a PowerGrade format? This could go a long way to appease the folks who are begging for a sync feature. It would need only the following fields:
    • Student ID
    • Raw score