As of fall 2016, UTIPS is syncing classes and students with the information from each district's Student Information System (Aspire, PowerSchool, Skyward, etc.) In order for teacher accounts to sync students and classes, the teacher CACTUS ID number must be added to the teacher account. This can be done manually or with an upload to an entire district or school.
Instructions: Adding CACTUS ID's to Teacher Accounts - Individual Teacher and CSV Upload Method

2017-2018 Statewide UTIPS SHARING CODES Expires 9/27/2018

UPDATED August 2016: About Student Accounts and How Students Login to UTIPS

Section 1 - Teachers
1.010 UTIPS Introduction
1.020 Create a Teacher Account with an Enrollment Code
1.030 Creating Classes
1.040 Enrollment codes - What are they?
1.050 Adding an Enrollment Code to Your Account
1.060 Manually Creating an Enrollment Code to Enroll Students into your Class or watch how on YouTube
1.070 Build Assessments from the USBE Item Pool
1.075 File Management: Organizing 'My Tests'
1.080 Assign Students as Participants to a Test
1.090 Building Assessments with Your Own Items
1.094 Creating Matching Questions
1.095 Grouped Questions
1.096 Open Response Questions
1.097 Adding Test Questions Using Search, Advanced Search, or Standards Search
1.098 Add Media (diagrams, images, etc) and Links to Your Own Questions or Answers
1.099 Copying Questions Between UTIPS Tests (YouTube)
1.100 Align Your Own Test Items with the Utah Curriculum
1.101 Adding Questions To a Test From Your Own Item Pool
1.110 Adding New Items to an Existing Test
1.111 View Assessment Results
1.112 Creating and using rubrics
1.120 Share Assessments with other Educators
1.130 Importing Your Previous Tests from UTIPS
1.140 Sharing Assessments Across a District or the State
1.150 Changing your UTIPS Password

Section 2 - Students (for teachers to manage Student accounts etc.)
2.010 UPDATED August 2016: About Student Accounts and How Students Login to UTIPS
2.015 Student Login Info for Districts with Uploaded Accounts from SIS/PowerSchool
2.020 Manually Creating Student Accounts by Teachers
2.023 Removing Student Memberships from Your Classes (YouTube)
2.025 Deleting Student Accounts by Teachers
2.030 Setting up Enrollment Codes Prior to Students Creating Their Own Accounts
2.040 Students Creating Their Own Accounts With an Enrollment Code
2.050 Sharing Students Between Teachers: Adding an Enrollment Code to a Student Account
2.060 How Student Participants Take a Test
2.070 Changing Student Passwords

Section 3 - Administrators
3.010 Creating Organizations, Grades, Departments, Teacher's Classes &/or Class Periods
3.020 Using External Sync to Upload Organization Structure & Accounts for Users
3.030 Reassigning existing teacher accounts after Organization Upload (CSV Sync)
3.040 Granting Additional Roles to Users
3.050 UTIPS Purge Accounts Tool

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